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Nate and Dave Evans, brothers and co founders of Fictiv join Jeremy and me on the show to talk about

- How Nate and Dave combined their unique interests and strengths as kids to build Fictiv (Dave's ability to break things and Nate's ability to think strategically).

- The process that Nate and Dave work through to make critical business decisions, and avoiding the 'Mom and Dad Syndrome'.

- The importance of not having the 'sibling debates' in public or in front of other work colleagues, and advantages of having an established baseline of trust over other co founders.

- How Nate and Dave have prioritized building a diverse team as they've grown and scaled Fictiv.

- The most important founder sibling questions:  Who has a better jump shot? Who would win in a head-to-head wrestling match? Who is smarter?

Episode Transcript

Justin Vandehey

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