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Episode Description

Jon Fasoli, Chief Product Officer of Mailchimp, joins the aSaaSins podcast to talk about.

- How he assesses the professional opportunities and projects that he invests his time and energy into.

- His experience running the product strategy for Intuit's $12B acquisition of Mailchimp.

- Future growth drivers and industries of interest for Intuit.

- Intuit's framework of 'horizon planning' and how early stage founders can use this framework to evaluate the progress they're making with their venture.

Episode Transcript

Jon Fasoli

Chief Product, Design & Data Officer of Mailchimp

Jon serves as Chief Product, Design, and Data Leader, Mailchimp. He is also the product management community leader for Intuit.Before his current role with Mailchimp, Jon was Intuit’s Small Business Segment leader, which served 7 million small businesses in 140 countries. At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, he led our team in delivering $1.2 billion in SBA-approved and Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans–keeping more than 220,000 employees on payrolls.Jon comes from a small business household and has spent the last 15 years building software for small business owners. Jon joined Intuit to design and launch the company’s mobile ecosystem of products, and all but one have grown to multimillion-dollar businesses. Jon led Intuit’s international payments business and drove the creation of the payments and risk platform that now processes $65 billion annually. As the product leader for the self-employed segment, he grew the QuickBooks Self-Employed product from 30 to 1 million customers within 3 years and incubated several of Intuit’s early product teams, such as QuickBooks Capital.Jon holds a BS in math with a concentration in finance from the University of Wisconsin–Madison. He has 11 US patents for mobile and payments technologies and is active in the growing technology community in Atlanta, where he currently lives with his family.