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Episode Description

Nichole Powell, CEO and Founder of Kinfield, joins the show to talk about

  • Nichole's decision to make a professional pivot out of big tech to building clean, sustainable,consumer products for the outdoors.
  • Nichole's experience appearing on Shark Tank, swimming with the sharks and receiving four different offers from investors to build Kinfield.
  • How Kinfield has approached building product in a way that aligns with its core values and commitment to consumer health and sustainability.
  • How Nichole and team have approached product segmentation for their various product lines and Kinfield's positioning strategy in retail.

Episode Transcript

Nichole Powell

CEO and Co founder of Kinfield

Nichole Powell is the CEO and Co founder of Kinfield. a venture-backed brand making clean skincare and personal care for the great outdoors. Launched in 2019, the brand has been featured in the likes of The New York Times, VOGUE, Fast Company, and Outside magazine, for its innovative formulas like a DEET-free repellent and mineral sunscreens. Prior to founding Kinfield, Nichole led business development and growth as the first hire at fashion retailer Modern Citizen and worked at Intuit on products like Mint.com and TurboTax. When she isn't working on Kinfield or mentoring emerging entrepreneurs, Nichole is an avid traveler, hiker, and rock climber, and lives in San Francisco, CA.