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Episode Description

Jacob Jaber, Chairman and Co founder of Philz Coffee joins the show to talk about:

  • The founder's story behind building one of the industry's most successful specialty coffee brands.
  • Creating a culture of "Grandma's house hospitality" and a personalized approach to building product and delivering service to customers, one cup of coffee at a time.
  • How Philz harnessed initial customer fandom and built the flywheel around the Phil's brand.
  • The role of the Philz barista, finding and empowering great people to extend the culture you're creating.
  • Competing against global coffee brands like Starbucks and Peets, disrupting the coffee space, and thinking big but acting small
  • How a lost bag at an airport resulted in a game changing distribution deal with Virgin America.
  • Jacob's focus as an investor and building companies and products that people have a personal relationship with.

Episode Transcript

Jacob Jaber

Chairman and Co founder of Philz Coffee

Jacob Jaber is the Chairman and Co founder of Philz Coffee. He co-founded Philz Coffee along with his dad (Phil) and built the brand to be the largest independent third wave coffee company in the U.S. Philz now serves over 70 communities and growing.

Jacob is also an active investor in consumer focused companies ranging from software for the modern workforce to consumer products and brick & mortar retail. Some of his investments include Gusto, Legion, Alt, ResQ, Tomo, Wally Health, MindZero, Buildspace and more.