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Legendary educator and the Godmother of Silicon Valley, Esther Wojcicki, and her co Founder and CEO of Tract, Ari Memar, join the show to talk about:

- Esther's approach to empowering kids to be successful and how to raise successful kids.

- How Ari and Esther are disrupting early stage education with collaborative, peer to peer learning.

- Esther's experience working with her daughters, Anne (CEO of 23andMe) and Susan (CEO of YouTube) as her investors, and the dynamic of mixing family and business.

Episode Transcript

Justin Vandehey

Entrepreneur & Podcaster

Justin Vandehey leads partnerships and business development for Culture Amp, the industry leader in employee engagement solutions. Culture Amp acquired the company he cofounded, Disco, which Justin grew from $0 to seven figures in ARR (and profitable).