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Episode Description

Henry Shi, Co founder of Super, joins the show to talk about

  • Building a savings super app focussed on the everyday American, and Super's approach to customer segmentation.
  • Henry and Hussein's approach to finding product market fit for their consumer focused startup, and Henry's thoughts on how this differs from finding PM fit in building a B2B company.
  • Super's initial focus on the travel vertical, and what they learned in the process of shipping their first product that accelerated their business growth and expansion into other product verticals.
  • How Super has secured $100M+ in financing and landed the real baby faced assassin Steph Curry, as an investor in the business.
  • The product market model channel (PMMC) fit and getting all four right to build a hundred million dollar plus business.

Episode Transcript

Henry Shi

Co Founder of Super.com

Henry Shi is the Co-Founder of Super.com, the mobile commerce and fintech company that enables consumers to experience more of what life has to offer. Under Henry’s leadership, Snapcommerce has grown to over 30M users and exceeded $1B in sales. Henry has also been recognized as a member of Forbes 30 Under 30 and EY's Entrepreneur of the Year in 2022.