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Episode Description

Gretchen Salyer, CEO and Founder of June Care, joins the show to talk about

  • The childcare crisis in the US, and parenting and homeschooling in a global pandemic.
  • Building a MVP for a better way to child care through community.
  • How June Care's service model and product has evolved as they've received customer feedback from Moms on the network.
  • The time I almost had my wife accidentally arrested.

Episode Transcript

Gretchen Salyer

CEO and Founder of June Care

Gretchen Salyer is the CEO and founder of June Care, an online platform that connects parents who need child care with host parents who can provide it. Prior to founding June Care, Gretchen led Global Partnerships for Intuit. She is also a board member of Think Together, a non-profit organization that equips students and schools with solutions they need to succeed.