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Episode Description

Lauren Peate, CEO and Founder of Multitudes, joins the show to talk about

  • The future of engineering and how teams use DORA metrics to measure engineering effectiveness.
  • The importance of focusing on team outcomes and goals as an engineering leadership team.
  • The impact that Generative AI will have on engineering team performance and productivity
  • Ethics in AI and how entrepreneurs should respond to build to a higher standard.

Episode Transcript

Lauren Peate

CEO and Founder of Multitudes

Lauren Peate is the CEO and founder of Multitudes, which provides insights and coaching to unlock happier, higher-performing teams. Before founding Multitudes, she founded and ran a DEI consultancy called Ally Skills NZ, worked at Bain & Co with Fortune 500 tech companies in San Francisco, led operations for an e-commerce startup in Jordan, and advised startups across the Middle East. Lauren studied economics and Arabic at Stanford University.