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Episode Description

David Booth, CEO of On Deck, joins the show to talk about:

  • How On Deck helps founders get leverage on their time and lean into community to build exceptional companies, as well as how On Deck differs from traditional accelerators like YC and 500 Startups.
  • David's "three edges" framework to evaluate On Deck's founder candidates, and evaluating the mindset that many founders have before taking the leap to start their companies
  • The importance of building founder relationships and communities in-person, and the evolution of the "Sand Hill Road" entrepreneur.
  • David's advice to founders and companies operating in our current market conditions, and who has the better job, founders or investors?

Episode Transcript

David Booth

CEO of On Deck

David is the CEO of On Deck, where he’s focused on building the world’s most powerful ecosystems for founders to start and scale companies.

Before On Deck, he ran syndicate operations and growth at Angel List, where he evolved how startups were funded within the venture ecosystem. At CoinList, David shaped decentralized capital formation, and at Carta, he helped design how companies were organized and managed. Throughout his career, David has focused on innovating the founder journey: improving their odds at every roadblock and ensuring that more startups not only get off the ground but succeed in their missions.

David is born and bred in New Zealand, where he studied law and finance before launching 3 startups himself.  He is a proud dad of 4-year old Charlie.