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Episode Description

Jay Srinivasan, CEO of Spoke, joins the aSaaSins podcast to talk about.

- Going after large incumbents like ServiceNow, SAP, and Salesforce, and how he landed on the problem space for Spoke.

- The differences between being a second time aSaaSin vs. a first time aSaaSin, and what has been easier and harder about each venture.

- Advice he WOULDN'T offer to first time founders and when is the right time to sell your startup.

- The importance of product, go-to-market fit when scaling, and why this is more important than product-market fit.

- Walking through the acquisition process for Jay's two startups, Appurify (Google) and Spoke (Okta).

Episode Transcript

Jay Srinivasan

Product at Okta

Jay is currently in the Product Org at Okta. He was the co-founder and CEO of atSpoke, a modern workplace service desk that Okta acquired in August, 2021.

Prior to atSpoke, he was in the Product Org at Google after the acquisition of the previous start-up he co-founded, Appurify, a mobile testing platform for app developers.

Before start-ups, Jay spent 5 years at McKinsey and Co, and stints at IBM Research and Intel Research during his Ph.D. in Computer Science.