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Episode Description

Jassim Latif, Cofounder of Zipper and formerly Slack's first Platform and BD hire, joins the pod to talk about.

- Reflecting on the early days at Slack.

- Building an early ecosystem and raising capital on someone else's platform.  

-  Gathering insights to build Zipper and unlock cross functional teams.

-  The boldest things founders have done to get on Jassim's radar and hacks to get on larger platforms' radars.

Episode Transcript

Jassim Latif

Co founder of Zipper

Jassim is the co founder of Zipper, redefining how product, marketing, and customer-facing teams work together to deliver incredible customer experiences.

Prior to founding Zipper, Jassim was Slack's first BD hire, where he helped grow Slack's platform to thousands of apps. His team managed Slack's core product partnerships with Dropbox to GitHub to Cisco to up-and-coming SaaS providers like Airtable, Loom, and many more.

Jassim was also an EIR at Social Capital and serves as an advisor to several early stage startups.