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Episode Description

Cam Doody, Co founder and GP of the Brickyard, joins the show to talk about:

  • Cam's first successful venture, Bellhop, and how he scaled one of the fastest growing companies in the moving industry.
  • Brickyard's approach to accelerating and "insulating" great companies
  • The benefit of relocating your early team to an island and the importance of physically working together in the early stages of building your culture and company.
  • The best advice I've heard someone offer a founder when going through the grind, courtesy of Mr. Doody Sr.

Episode Transcript

Cam Doody

Co-founder and GP at Brickyard

Cam Doody is Co-founder and GP at Brickyard, a seed venture fund, portfolio club and residency for radical focus. He's also Co-founder and Board Member of Bellhop, a tech-driven relocation company that has moved +350,000 U.S. households and has raised over $90m in venture capital. He is husband to Hannon, dad to two wonderful little girls— Margot and Liles, and a serious aviator and outdoorsman.