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Episode Description

Cody Candee, CEO of Bounce joins us to talk about:

-  How global travel unlocked his insight to found Bounce, and how he convinced total strangers to hand over and store their things with him for cash.  

- Cody's experience building a company that was dependent on travel in the midst of global travel lockdowns, and how his team persevered through that.

- The signals that gave Cody and his team conviction to keep going, and how taking a 'helpful' approach to building solutions for their SMB customers unlocked new opportunities.

- Tactics on establishing and maintaining network effects at the earliest stages of founding your company.

Episode Transcript

Cody Candee

CEO and Co founder of Bounce

Cody Candee started Bounce, a venture-backed startup that helps people find a place to leave their belongings anywhere in a city. The company’s locations—over 1,000 across hundreds of cities worldwide—have been used to store more than more than 1 million personal items. Prior to founding Bounce, Cody started his career at Intuit as a product manager where he worked on Intuit Payments, TurboTax, QuickBooks Mobile, & QuickBooks Online.