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Episode Description

Matt Danna, CEO and Co Founder of Boulevard, joins the show to talk about:

- How Matt uncovered product-market fit in the salon category

- Boulevard's approach to customer segmentation and targeting, and the company's decision to build a vertical SaaS business versus horizontal SaaS business.

- Matt's approach to fundraising, and how he closed a 70M Series C during one of the most difficult times to fundraise.

- The best and the worst haircuts we've ever received.

Episode Transcript

Matt Danna

CEO and Co-Founder of Boulevard

Matt Danna is the CEO and Co-Founder of Boulevard, the first business management platform built to power the next generation of salons, spas, and personal care businesses. Passionate about the intersection between design and tech, Matt has spent his entire career building technologies to empower creative professionals. Matt started his career at Deviant Art, the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, where he did everything from software engineering to product design. Eventually finding his home in product management, Matt started as the first product manager of Fullscreen, a global media company that builds technology to power the creation and sharing of video with the connected generation, where he ultimately served as Vice President of Product. He has also provided product and technology leadership consulting for brands such as Wasserman talent agency and Awesomeness, a multi-platform media company. Originally from Massachusetts, Matt holds a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and Human-Computer Interaction from Rochester Institute of Technology.