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Episode Description

Bryant Chou, Co founder and CTO of Webflow, joins the show to talk about

  • Bryant, Sergie and Vlad's journey to building a unicorn, and the three signals that gave Bryant conviction they were on to something really big with Webflow
  • Bryant's suggestions for entrepreneurs looking for a technical co founder and traits of what makes an exceptional founding CTO
  • Webflow's origins as a self-service business and how the company has matured into an enterprise grade solution

Episode Transcript

Bryant Chou

Co founder and CTO of Webflow

Bryant is Co-Founder of Webflow. Previously, he was the founding CTO at Vungle, a mobile advertising and app monetization company, where he architected and implemented its core tech stack, including an iOS SDK installed on over 60 million phones, and a node.js cluster that handles over 250 million HTTP requests per day. Prior, he was a lead software engineer on Intuit Brainstorm and developed one of the first mobile push-to-talk apps on the Android market. Bryant earned his BS Computer Engineering degree from UCSD.