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Episode Description

Roger Obando, CTO at Loyalsnap and Co founder of Baker Technologies (acquired by TILT Holdings), joins the show to talk about

  • The evolution of the cannabis space, customer segmentation in weed, and the customer profile of the Chardonnay mom!
  • Roger and team's experience raising capital for Baker, and his experience authoring his book, "The Highest Common Denominator",
  • The differences of being a CTO that takes a company from 0 to 1 and a CTO that takes a company from 1 to 100 (and beyond).

Episode Transcript

Roger Obando

CTO of Loyalsnap

Roger Obando is a serial entrepreneur and technologist with over 20 years of experience in software development and consulting in both the enterprise and start-up worlds. His most recent entrepreneurial venture, Baker Technologies, a CRM platform focused on helping companies in the cannabis industry build and retain relationships with their customers, was acquired in 2018 resulting in his successful exit.

Since then Roger has rejoined the start-up ranks as CTO of fitness CRM, Loyalsnap where he is applying lessons learned in the cannabis industry to a very different industry that, due to a global pandemic, is facing a similar challenge of forced modernization. Earlier in his career, Roger spent nearly a decade working with large interactive agencies and clients like Sony, BMW, JP Morgan, and Disney. He made the decision in early 2012 to leave services and enter the product space, consulting with start-up companies and eventually transitioning to senior technology positions at Mobile Roadie and Kamino Labs. He has a B.A. In Computer Science and Visual Design from Duke University.