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Episode Description

Christine Tao, CEO and Cofounder of SoundingBoard joins the aSaaSins Podcast to discuss:

- The future of leadership coaching and disrupting a category that has traditionally been limited to the highest earners in society.

- The challenges she faced when raising her seed round and additional challenges that female founders face when raising venture capital.

- The differences between raising SoundingBoard's Series B vs. their Seed and Series A.

- How Christine built SoundingBoard's initial network of leadership coaches, and importance of experience quality when building out the hard side of their network.

Episode Transcript

Christine Tao

Co-founder and CEO at Sounding Board

Christine Tao is the co-founder and CEO at Sounding Board, the premier scalable leadership coaching platform, combining technology and coaches to drive business impact for global enterprises. Her rapid career growth in Silicon Valley at Google and various startups inspired her to co-found Sounding Board with Lori Mazan, her executive coach. Customers include leading enterprises like Cloudera, Kraft Heinz, Intel as well as hyper growth startups like Chime, Bill.com, UserTesting, and Klarna. Prior to co-founding Sounding Board, Christine was Senior Vice President of Developer Relations at Tapjoy, a venture-backed mobile advertising and publishing network. She led growth for Tapjoy’s publisher advertising business from 0 to more than $100 million in revenues in less than three years. Prior to that, she led e-commerce partnerships and strategy at YouTube. Christine is a Tory Burch Foundation Fellow, a foundation dedicated to investing in the success and sustainability of women entrepreneurs. Most recently, Christine, along with her co-founder, was selected to the EY Winning Women Class of 2021.