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Episode Description

Jen Abel, Co founder and Partner of JJELLYFISH joins the show to talk about:

  • The importance of having the founder involved in the sales process when going from 0 to 1.
  • The point at which founders should hire their first full-time sales person.
  • The signals that companies and founders should be looking for to know when they've hit Product-Market fit.
  • Using customer feedback to inform how your customers want to buy from you and how much your customers want to pay you.

"There's nothing scaleable about uncovering an earned insight." - Jen Abel, Co founder and Partner of JJELLYFISH

Episode Transcript

Jen Abel

Cofounder and Partner at JJELLYFISH

Jen Abel is a recognized B2B entrepreneur, having Founded and scaled JJELLYFISH. Abel is known for successfully bringing international companies to enter and conquer the U.S. market. As a thought leader in B2B sales, Abel has been featured as a Cohost and speaker by brands including Conde Nast's Glamour, General Assembly, Techstars, and Boulder Startup Week. Abel advises B2B startups on their sales strategy, along with Fortune 500 companies who engage her for insight on go-to-market design and acquiring early revenue. With over a decade of early-stage startup expertise, Abel was also a Mentor for Techstars and Founding Enterprise Sales Member at General Assembly (acquired) and Y-Combinator startup, The Muse.