I'm Justin Vandehey, the Baby Faced aSaaSin

(because I can't grow facial hair)

From the farm to the valley

After leaving New York, I moved to Mountain View to take a Product Management position at Intuit. I learned how to solve customer problems and build product. I pivoted to B2B SaaS sales and fell in love with the business of enterprise software.

After a couple of failed startup attempts, I cofounded Disco (acquired by Culture Amp) and finally took something from zero to one.

Building a company is really fricking hard. We did some things right and probably more things wrong. In either case, my goal is to share what worked and what didn't work with you, and introduce the people and processes that helped us along the way.

About Justin Vandehey

Growing up in Central Wisconsin, I got my first view into  entrepreneurship on our family owned farm where I saw what it takes to build a profitable and sustainable business. I dropped out of college my Junior year to pursue a career in the music business with Jive Records and Bad Boy Entertainment, but witnessed the impact that software was having on the industry. I wanted to be a part of the technology industry leading that change.


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